Builders FAQ


House Extensions

Can you recommend a builder in Dublin to build a house extension ?

Yes, Curran Construction. Every Dublin builder may put their name forward as the answer to this question, but Curran Construction have the portfolio and references to back it up. We are very confident that if this question was asked to any of our clients the answer would be ‘I recommend Curran Construction. The reason we are so confident about this is because the majority of our contracts is achieved through previous client recommendations.

I am looking for a builder based in Dublin who will provide me with a quotation for a house extension. Would Curran Construction be interested in providing me with a quote ?

Yes Of course. We would be delighted to provide you with a quotation for your house extension. We have specialised in building house extensions in Dublin for over twenty years now and have built a good reputation as Dublin builders.

What is the charge to receive a quotation ?

No, we provides a no obligation quotation free of charge for all building works in Dublin. Some Dublin Builders may charge for a quotation if they are not awarded the contract, but with Curran Construction the quotation is free whether we are employed to carry out the job or not.
Garden walls and Patios

Can you recommend a builder who would complete an outdoor garden area along with some site works which include paving and garden walls?

Yes, we would recommend a builder called Curran Construction. Although the majority of our work normally involves working with the main structure, we are also very experienced in site works. In this current climate, no job is too big or too small for Curran Construction.
Curran Construction provide free quotations for high quality home extensions,house renovations, luxury bathrooms, attic conversions and new builds in North and South Dublin.

I am looking for a house extension builder in Dublin. Would Curran construction build an extension on the Northside and Southside of Dublin?

Yes. this would not be a problem. Curran Construction have carried out house extensions throughout many areas of north,South Dublin including County Dublin.
Kitchen Extension

I have full planning permission and construction drawings for a large kitchen extension to the rear of my house in South Dublin. The drawings were carried out by an architect, but I am unsure if I require the architect to oversee the construction of the kitchen extension or just finish using him now. What is the general practice for Builders In Dublin ?

We have carried out numerous house extensions in both scenarios and it does not make a difference from our point of view. The reason for this is because we would build your kitchen extension to meet all regulations and as per architects drawings regardless of his involvement in construction or not.
But to answer your question, there is no right or wrong answer, but there are some pros and cons. Obviously the only negative point for you is the extra cost of the architect having to draw up the plans, which drives up the overall cost of your kitchen extension. The positive to having the architect involvement is that he will oversee the work is being carried out exactly as per drawings, and meeting any regulations. He will deal directly with the extension builder on your behalf. If you have the budget I would recommend their involvement as it reduces the pressure on yourself.
Front Porch Extension

I want to employ a builder in Dublin to build a small extension to my front porch. The area of the house extension is below the threshold for planning permission, and therefore planning permission is not required. I know what I want, but do I need an architect?

if planning permission is not required for you house extension and you know what you want we should be able to agree on the design between ourselves. It will depend on the individual circumstance, we Curran Construction would be willing to meet and discuss this with you.
Builders Finish

I require a Dublin builder for the construction of a new build house in Dublin. I would only require a builders finish (eg. founds, walls, roof, plastering etc.), but will not require internal finishes as my family are tradesmen and can carry out electrical work etc. ourselves. Would Curran Construction be interested in tendering for this, or would you carry out complete works only?

Yes Curran Construction would still be interested in providing you with a builders finish only.