Solid Fuel Stoves

stoveToday , these stoves offer Dublin home owners the promise of a heating system that’s independent of local oil and gas suppliers, plus the lure of cozy evenings cheered by gently flickering flames. But what are the other major reasons why people are increasingly turning to this heating method. Stoves are incredibly efficient (up to five times more so than open fires). They achieve a higher and more even temperature due to a slower burn rate and are ideal for overnight burning. When you consider that 80% heat is produced by a good stove to warm your living area (only 20% is released up the chimney), it is easy to see why so many people are turning to solid fuel stoves as an alternative to gas fires.
Curran Construction provide a free quotation for solid fuel stove installations for North and South Dublin.

Types of solid fuel stoves suitable for Dublin Homes

  • Traditional stove
  • Multi fuel stove
  • Modren inset stove
  • Back boiler stove

If you do decide to install a stove then you need to consider the following three important elements,


You must provide adequate air to feed the stove and to avoid the build up of toxic gases – any stove of 5kW and above must have a dedicated ‘air brick’ fitted in the room the stove is located in.This now applies to all stoves, even if the output is less than 5kW, when they are installed in any dwelling with little or no ventilation. The actual size of the air brick, for example for a 6kW stove, is relatively small and certainly much smaller than the air bricks most of us are used to.


You must ensure the safe passage of fumes and smoke from your flue or chimney and that they do not create problems for any windows on your own or neighbouring buildings etc.

Combustible materials.

There are strict guidelines about the proximity of combustible materials such as wooden mantles, stud walling and the type of hearth you need etc. How your flue should pass through walls and ceilings etc, when you do not have a traditional chimney breast and are creating a ‘new’ flue or chimney system.